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Emergency Plumbing Support

Click-2-Call: (843) 215-0799

Call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Regardless of whether it’s your personal home, restaurant, hotel, or any business, Sir Flush-A-Lot is the “go-to” emergency plumber.

Plumbing failures your house or company don’t have a schedule, or wait for office hours to occur, they can happen any time. If you have a pipe that suddenly bursts or a drainpipe backup, the damages, and cost can be extensive if you wait to call.

  • #1 Shut down the water and the get trouble in check as fast as possible.

  • #2 Call us

  • #3 Contact a water specialist or restoration firm

We take plumbing concerns seriously, and offer a service that is responsive to your “Emergency Situation”.


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